Gloria Martinez


Vice President of Elementary Schools at United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA)
Twitter: @maestraluchando

Gloria Martinez is a National Board Certified Teacher who has taught both general education and special education.  Her activism within UTLA began fighting local school issues, leading and organizing a successful campaign against a charter school co-location on her campus and as a member of UTLA’s organizing team in 2014.  Gloria is a member of the bargaining team and during our historic strike helped lead on important issues such as special education, the over-testing of our students and our Bargaining for the Common Good demands which included an immigrant defense fund for our students, a demand on low income housing and the fight against the racist random searches policy to name a few.  She continues to lead on special education bargaining issues, a topic that has been avoided within LAUSD for 38 years.

  • Gloria is a National Board Certified Teacher in Special Needs, has been teaching for 16 years, and holds credentials in both general and special education. As a long-time chapter chair, Gloria led campaigns in support of special education compliance and gathering community support for UTLA-endorsed candidates for School Board and other key state initiatives.
  • She has taken the lead in campaigns against Prop 39 charter co-location and in informing parents about their rights regarding excessive standardized testing.
  • As a member of UTLA’s Board of Directors for East Area, Gloria went to the bargaining table to hammer away at LAUSD’s implementation of MISIS and its impact on services for ELL and special needs students, and the educators who serve them.
  • Gloria has been a key member of UTLA’s Organizing Team, which planned the escalating actions in UTLA’s 2014-2015 contract campaign; including the massive February 26, 2015 Stand at Grand rally at City Hall.
  • Gloria played a key role in the systematic organizing behind the 2015-2016 Build the Future, Fund the Fight campaign.
  • Gloria is active in CTA and CFT committee work and has presented at a national conference on organizing against privatization.